Lessons in sustainability

Getting shortlisted for the Outlook Traveller Responsible Tourism award under the category of Sustainable Leadership and Conservation got us a bit reflective.

The forest produce based enterprise building at Forest Post is an effort to securing Adivasi livelihoods. Although we aren’t sure how much our network of harvester men and women actually understand Forest Rights per say, the enterprise hopes to help them find creative – often traditional – ways of engaging with their resources. It hopes that people who choose to stay close to home find meaningful employment right there.

A dear friend who runs a responsible tourism business often says, “places where people live sustainably are the places most worthy of preserving and visiting”. After all what makes a place beautiful is not just nature and wilderness, but also its people. And if people are in a state of harmony with the surrounds, it becomes a lesson in itself.

For us, every journey into the wild with a Kadar honey gatherer or a Muthuvar bamboo weaver woman is a revelation. Every possibility of improving livelihoods within their landscape is a challenge. About how it is possible to tread light on the planet and live well.

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  1. Forest post is doing such a fantastic job by going to these less privileged people who live deep in the forests often fending for themselves with whatever natural resources they have/ get. Promoting the knowhows of these tribals , giving them in return the remuneration by selling their products etc are possible only with the selfless services of the officials / volunteers of Forestpost.
    Some of their artistry is so evident in their mat weaving using bamboo and reeds. Soaps using beeswax , pickles and preserves are only a few to mention. Wishing Forestpost all the best ,

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