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The Edamalayar People

The Muthuvar people in the upper catchment of Chalakudy river (tributary of Periyar in Kerala) are unique in more ways than one. Unlike the Kadar people of the region, who were documented in depth by British anthropologists and surveyors, the Muthuvar folk are agrarian. They largely occupy forested valleys in the neighbouring districts of Idukki …

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Lessons in sustainability

Getting shortlisted for the Outlook Traveller Responsible Tourism award under the category of Sustainable Leadership and Conservation got us a bit reflective. The forest produce based enterprise building at Forest Post is an effort to securing Adivasi livelihoods. Although we aren’t sure how much our network of harvester men and women actually understand Forest Rights …

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On an Adivasi Trail

For centuries, the Kadar, Muthuvar and Malayar folk have traversed these mountains and crossed the streams and rivers. In the British times, when the forests were opened up for plantations in the Valparai plateau, the Kadar people were referred to as the Kings of the Forests. Even today, they venture far away from their homes …

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Dear Friend, You are Stepping in to Ancestral Kadar Land

In 2009, the Kadar, Muthuvar, and Malayar inhabting these mountain slopes claimed their ancestral rights on the forests. This was an important milestone in forest conservation, and is called Community Forest Rights (CFR). These indigenous communities are guardians of the trees, the river and the wildlife. Decisions concerning natural resource use are taken by the …

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