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We try to find recipes that keep your lifestyle as close to the environment as possible. True skin care and good food do not need synthetic elements to interfere with nature’s bounty. Get yourself or your dear ones something that adds a touch of unadulterated wilderness and rawness into you.

Since a lot of our products use forest produce harvested and value-added by the people at the Adivasi villages, they all feel a strong sense of connect with the final product. This too is rare to come by in a world driven by corporate forces.

Beeswax Soaps & Rubs

Beeswax comes along when honey is gathered from the deep forest. Handcrafted soaps and rubs from Adivasi collectives.

Oils &

Hair and body care has a special place in native wisdom. Herb infused hair oils and natural body scrubs are absolute essentials.

Wild Edibles

Inspired by indigenous culinary styles and seasonal forages in the forest. For the more adventurous amongst us.

Bamboo Weaves & Crafts

Traditional reed bamboo weaving combined with contemporary designs in bamboo craft.

Macramé Accessories

Young women from Chimmony, Marayur and Chengalpet showcase their recently acquired macramé and crochet skills.

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Field Notes

The Edamalayar People

Photo courtesy: Sushmita Mandal The Muthuvar people in the upper catchment of Chalakudy river (tributary of Periyar in Kerala) are unique in more ways than one. …
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Lessons in sustainability

Getting shortlisted for the Outlook Traveller Responsible Tourism award under the category of Sustainable Leadership and Conservation got us a bit reflective. The forest produce …
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Customer Reviews

Forest post is doing such a fantastic job by going to these less privileged people who live deep in the forests often fending for themselves with whatever natural resources they have/ get. Promoting the know-hows of these tribals , giving them in return the remuneration by selling their products etc are possible only with the selfless services of the officials / volunteers of ForestPost.Some of their artistry is so evident in their mat weaving using bamboo and reeds. Soaps using beeswax , pickles and preserves are only a few to mention. Wishing ForestPost all the best.

Nirmala Chacko


The cinnamon soap is a delight! The sweet and indulgent smell fills up not just the bathroom, but all my senses! The beeswax moisturizer is very healing. I used it for a yeast infection and it was gone in no time!

Arpana Basappa

Fair Trade Certification

You know it’s not just a product when every step is taken with consideration for the environment as well as the indigenous community, and that’s what makes forest post different. Rose and geranium soap is the sweetest moisturizer for the whole day, and aloe basil is the softest soap even on the most sensitive, allergy-prone skin of one of my family members. Really thankful to the beeswax mint lip balm that keeps me refreshed for hours even under the mask!


Architect, New Delhi

The hemp vetiver and the aloe basil soaps were great for my skin. The mildness of the soap didn’t cause my eyes to burn when it accidentally went in, which reflects on how natural the product is. The cedar and hemp body rub was not too creamy for oily skin. Great to know that the products are made from forest produce and most importantly by women from the indigenous community. I highly recommend these products to people looking for something not only good for the environment but also promotes livelihoods!

Nayantara Lakshman

Ecologist, Kotagiri, The Nilgiris

The beard balm is very convenient to carry during travels, since its not a messy oil bottle. A small quantity is sufficient, it easily spreads and makes the beard look groomed. It also feels nourished. It lasts for a long time, and I am happy that it is a natural product.

Mallikarjun Javali

IT Professional, Bangalore

Every bar of Forest Post is a joy and a gift. Ever since we started keeping the bars in our rooms, our guests have experienced immense satisfaction and joy during their bath rituals. The goodness of the forest and the gentle aroma of freshness is what we look forward to with every new soap added to their glorious list. Little Flower Farms is grateful to Forest Post for not just existing but also thriving.

Rekha Thomas

Little Flower Farms

What an awesome range of products! I stopped having skin allergies and dryness after using Forest Post soaps. Really cool.


IT Professional, Chennai

Soaps are many in the market and many I have used from hand made to what not. But these forest beeswax ones, well ever since I used them it’s like body polished by the elements of nature, and the best thing about it is I don’t need a deodorant. Nature waxing my body with all its essence to soothe my soul.

AK Sreedharan

Author, My Bhumi, A Trust for Global Consciousness


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